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1. (a) A team shall consist of six players, upto 12 players may be used in a match, substitutes to be
agreed by both teams before match commences.
(b) (Singles) once around the board 61 holes up.
(c) (Doubles) 1 game twice around the board.
(d) Dead hole to be pegged in all games. (single dead hole rule does not apply).
(e) No player to go out on down, opponents first domino played does not constitute a down.

2. 2 Points per match to the winners and 1pt per game won. (i.e. if you win 6-3 you get 2pts for the win
6 for the games won total 8pts)
If a team does not fulfil its fixture, the opposition claims the match, 2 points for the win and the match 5-4 (total points 7.)
9 Dominoes to be drawn by each player, with 10 dominoes sleeping (singles)
6 Dominoes to be drawn by each player, with 4 dominoes sleeping (doubles)

3. If a player plays a domino that will not go at the end played, but will go at the other
end, he/she will be allowed to reverse.

4. All dominoes not played shall be shown at the end of each hand. If on turnover any
player is found to be holding a domino which could previously have been played then
*that player must peg back 8 holes. If the player has not got at least 8pts, then his opponent pegs 8 holes on.

5. To start a game a game, both draw out, highest domino drops.
Loser of the draw will start second game, if there is a third game, draw out again.

6. If a stalemate occurs after hand completed, no score for lowest domino.
There will be no score for last domino played.

7. If by accident a domino is exposed in the course of pick up, a reshuffle will take place
and the same player to down again.

8. All captains must sign the result sheet at the end of their match.

9. The home team must return the team result sheet to “BENKS” by 1200hrs Saturday.

10. A team shall consist of 6 players. In the event of a team being short of this
number, their opponents will claim the games which their surplus players are unable to play.
Where both teams are short of players and the match result, including forfeited games, is a draw.
Each captain must select three players to play off one game, twice around the board to be the

11. Once a player as played one game for a team he is then registered for that team.
A player may only play for one team in any one season.

12. Should any player, play for a team other than the one he has registered, both the player and the
team for which he has wrongfully played will be fined and points deducted.

14. * All league matches to be played on a Thursday night. If cancelled must be played on or before the catch up night, if not played the match, will be awarded to the non cancellor by the score of 5/4.

15. Any team unable to play on the night stated, prior to 48 hours notice to the secretary and the
opposing team captain, will be fined £8.00 to be paid to opposing landlord towards the cost of food.

16. The acceptance of these rules is a condition of entry. Any infringement of these rules will result
in disqualification.
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